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 Wsg and You

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PostSubject: Wsg and You   Wsg and You Icon_minitimeMon Apr 21, 2008 10:49 am

Hey all time to talk about the infamous WSG. Warsong Gulch is a basic capture the flag system, get in the enemy base steal the flag run back and capture. In this installment we will talk about how certain classes should defend. Great defenders in no paticular order are Hunters, Shaman, Warriors, Rogues. Ok lets talk about How to Defend, realatively simple make sure the enemy never gets away with the flag.
Hunters have a wide variety of tools to do this ranging from Frost Traps, Concussion Shots, Flares, Track Humanoid and Pet charges if your pets a boar.
Shaman have the great Frost Shock and Earth Bind Totem.
Warriors and Rogues are Similar in that they both stun and slow the target. Warriors Charge, Intercept, and Hamstring Spam.
Rogues well Cheapshot, Blind, Distract, Sap. How to position yourself around the Flag Room. There are only 4 entrances to that room and protecting 2 of those cuts the enemy off near completely. From the outside going in they can either run up the center or go to the right which is the ramp to get to the 2nd level. Placing yourself on the 2nd level hide on the ledge that most will try to snipe from. On the ground floor the tunnel exit and the ramp exit must be constantly maintained. Remeber if the flag does start to leave the base call inc gy, ramp, or tunnel. This way the defenders get a general idea of where to go to recap. Next installment How to Get That Pretty Win Screen. See you all there!!!
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Wsg and You
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