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 Proper Raid Conduct **Please Read**

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Proper Raid Conduct **Please Read** Empty
PostSubject: Proper Raid Conduct **Please Read**   Proper Raid Conduct **Please Read** Icon_minitimeSun Jun 08, 2008 8:32 pm

I. Conduct
A.) Be patient. Don't spam raid chat with requests to be summoned, rezzed, or buffed. Ask nicely and someone will get you what you need. Also, never spam worldchat for a GM port.
B.) Be respectful of fellow guildies. Don't trashtalk in Vent, guild chat or raid chat. If you have an issue with a fellow guild member, report it to an available officer and let them handle the drama.
C.) Don't be greedy. Don't roll on what you don't truly need; learn to share. Also, "Ninja" looting will not be tolerated (See Part II).
D.) Always ask. If you have any questions about your role in particular fight or about loot items, please ask in raid chat or Vent.
E.) Always listen. Please listen to the raid leader when instructions are being given regarding boss tactics. Only relevant topics in raid chat, especially during boss fights.
F.) Have fun. It's really just a game - we don't want people QQing over loot that they didn't win, or pointing fingers for this and that.

II. Boss Fights
A.) Don't leave during a boss fight unless it is absolutely urgent. If you must leave, let the raid leader know first.
B.) Don't release your spirit if you die during a fight. If there is a specified out-of-combat rezzer, type 123 and wait. If no one is available for a rez, just wait patiently until the end of the fight to be rezzed.
C.) If you join the raid group in the middle of a boss fight, please pass on the loot for that particular boss.
D.) Wait for the raid leader or main tank to loot the boss. (See Section III Part D)

II. Looting
A.) Roll for your spec only.*
B.) No greeding for items unless specified. *
C.) No combat looting. On multiple mob pulls, wait until all mobs are down before looting corpses.
D.) Wait for the raid leader or main tank to loot the boss. Melee DPS should back up towards the end of a boss fight to avoid accidental looting. The raid leader or main tank will loot once everyone is rezzed and ready.

*For more information regarding our looting policies, please read the thread on "Raid Looting Policies".
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Proper Raid Conduct **Please Read**
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